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Any kind of commerical Flight is not legal in Hong Kong .

We DO NOT OFFER any paid tandem flight or flying service

      Please make your reservation by facebook or Whatsapps

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     I started to fly tandem since 2006. I really enjoy bringing some others who haven't flown like us!

     I really like it. However, I started to teach paragliding full course since 2013. And spend time to teach students are my priority. That's why I am getting less in the tandem section. Now I'm go tandem is only depends on whom I am going to fly with, or fly with some special reason. 

     Honestly money is not my concern! Just wanna give myself a reason to skip the full course for a short while for tandem. So, this is the new offer and new requirements. Beauty Bikini flight will be free of charges and will be scheduled in the first priority!

     If you want to have fun with me, click the facebook button to contact me! If anyone wants to fly but doesn't wanna take my plan, I will refer to some other instructors with special offers.

We do not offer any paid tandem flight service. 








Tandem paragliding flying with disabled people

First, I do not fly for money.

I will refer pilots to you.

Run down of paid Tandem Paragliding

  1. Participants must provide their weight and confirm the number of the participants in order to arrange suitable pilots for you. 

  2. They will reserve one flying day for you first. The final confirmation will be made couple days before the flying day due to the weather conditions. The flying location depends on the wing direction. They pick the best place to fly. If the wind is not good enough, your flight will be postpone. 

  3. Participants better wear outdoor or hiking clothings with boots. Bring water and food. It is because you may need to wait for better wind before take off. Somethimes, it takes a whole day for it. 

  4. Participants do not carry too many stuffs or big cameras. Light weight is necessary. Participants must help the pilots to carry some of the equipments up. The hikning takes 20-30 mins.

  5. Participants must follow the instructors' instructions in order the have a safety flight. For safety reason, Pilots have right to cancel the flght at any time. But they will rearrange the next day for you.

  6. The flight time between 15 and 30 mins which depends on the wind conditions.




  1. 首先必須先確定人數,及淸楚提供所有參加者資料。因為要安排合適飛行員及裝備。

  2. 因應飛行員時間表,先定出一個飛行日,到飛行當天前一兩天才視乎天氣再作最終決定,包括飛行地點。如果飛行當日天氣或風向不適合飛行,參加者需重新再約飛行日期。

  3. 參加者應穿著行山或運動服裝,最好穿著行山靴。並帶備水及食物,因為有機會上山後仍要等候風向轉佳,所以參加者必須預算一整日時間。

  4. 參加者只可帶備輕便裝備,不建議帶大型相機,而參加者有責任搬部份飛行裝備上山,上山行程大約20-30分鐘。

  5. 參加者必須聽從飛行員指示,作相應配合方能安全起飛!基於安全理由,飛行員有權隨時終止活動,擇日再飛。

  6. 飛行時間為十五至三十分鐘,亦是視乎風勢。



Any form of aviation is potentially dangerous. Paragliding is an inherent dangerous sport and contains risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death. We assume that those individuals who choose to participate in these sports are aware of the risks involved and are willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions and agree not to sue the instructor.