I am a paragliding instructor and experienced tandem paragliding pilot in HK. Promoting paragliding is our vision. I would like to promote paragliding through different media in order to let more people learn about this amazing activity. That's why I had been collaborated with different media for promotion. Such as interview, advertisementTV program, etc. 



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Magazine / Newspaper

報章 / 雜誌


Epic Adventures

(America TV & Hong Kong Tourism Board)

A Wall-less World Series II (RTHK)

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"Born Rich"


 "The Ultimate Addiction"



NISSAN & Caz Buyer

NISSAN & Caz Buyer

Public Bank (Hong Kong)

The North Face (Hong Kong)




Any form of aviation is potentially dangerous. Paragliding is an inherent dangerous sport and contains risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death. We assume that those individuals who choose to participate in these sports are aware of the risks involved and are willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions and agree not to sue the instructor.