Taiwan Training Camp



We held oversea training camp in different venues. Different venues have it own flying characteristic. Student can develop better judgment by visiting and flying in different site. Student pilot can have intensive training on basic flying skills, such as takeoff, soaring and landing. We will arrange a pick-up truck. You can skip the hiking session while you learn paragliding in Hong Kong. 

We also provide XC coaching to novice pilot. We teach finding and recognizing thermal, XC techniques, handling instability, spot landing and rapid descent.


debriefing session will held every night. We will watch all play back video which took at day time. All students will share their flights experience and have discussion on improvement. Instructor will give comments on each student's performance.



Any form of aviation is potentially dangerous. Paragliding is an inherent dangerous sport and contains risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death. We assume that those individuals who choose to participate in these sports are aware of the risks involved and are willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions and agree not to sue the instructor.